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Company History

The foundation of the company Herdeiros de Agostinho Ferreira Medeiros, Lda. originated in the ancestors of its current managers, linked to the execution of sidewalks, cobles and stonework.
In the fifties, significant quantities of stonework were supplied, which were then applied to the ornamentation of the Schools of the Plan of Centennials and Public Buildings in Ponta Delgada, from which stand out: the Post Office Building, Customs, all Pombaline Buildings of the Gonçalo Velho Square and the Extension of Marginal Avenue.

Most of these works were carried out by the Company Eng. Luís Gomes, which absorbed almost all its products. Given the good relationship that existed with this, comes the idea of acquiring a first truck.

It was from then on that the activity of applying pavement stones appears, having carried out works of this nature in all the Councils of the Island [from which the path to Lombadas, Ribeira Grande] is highlighted, in the Islands of São Jorge and Santa Maria, although here of little importance. The manufacture of gravel also appears at this time.
Subsequently, the bituminous paving [semi-asphalt penetration, which consisted of layered asphalt watering, now outdated] replaced the stone pavement activity.
In 1977, with the early death of the founding partner of the company, Agostinho Ferreira Medeiros, his descendants make the decision to continue with the activity.

In 1981, the company Herdeiros de Agostinho Ferreira Medeiros, Lda. appears, whose activity begins by covering the manufacture of crushed stone and blocks, execution of public works and civil construction, equipment rental and commercialization of civil construction materials.The execution of artisan masonry was abandoned.

In 1991, the partners of the company decided to resume this activity, although using mechanical instruments to the detriment of the artisan. Meanwhile, this has grown to such an extent that it currently accounts for 30% of the company's turnover.

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